"be sure to wear some flowers in your hair"

Hello and welcome to my simblr! My name is Lisa but you can also call me Lilly. I'm a 17 year old girl who fell in love with The Sims. Any question? Go ahead, I won't bite you. ♥
I could give it a go but they wouldnt be pose list compatible?
Really? That would be too sweet of you! <3
They don’t have to be poselist compatible. Take all the time you need, ok?
Wow, you’re so kind to help a complete stranger out with this, thanks again!

Does anyone know if there are any poses similiar to the ones on the pictures above? If not and if it’s not too much to ask for, would anyone be able to make one or two of them?
awwnooboo helped me out with this and referred me to simsaywhat for similiar poses. Anyway, I’ll leave this around, maybe someone wants to make me really happy and make the first picture as a pose. That would be so cute! o:

Not sure if it’s a dream or a nightmare.

Ok, here’s the thing. I have one more update for my legacy and then there are no more for the moment. The reason is, lately my computer tends to overheat a lot faster than usual and I’m really afraid to break it with this game. I’m not sure what I’m going to do now. :/

On a different note, I found some old Skyrim screenshots I want to post. They’re tagged as “skyrim” so just block this tag if you don’t want to see them.

she’s so beautiful tho ;~;
Nawwh, thank you, lovely!!
I actually feel a bit guilty for making her so sad&#8230; Don&#8217;t look at me like this, Ora. I&#8217;m sorry. ;___;

I actually feel a bit guilty for making her so sad… Don’t look at me like this, Ora. I’m sorry. ;___;

'C'mon Ora, try to sleep… you really need to sleep… so tired…'

Slowly starting to like my face and body in general. :)
So, I’m off to the flea market (hope this is the right word?) with my mother. See you later, guys! :))

God, what am I supposed to do now?
I don’t know about tomorrow but for the moment I suggest you to just lay down and try to sleep. We’ll talk about the rest then, ok? I’ll call your boss and tell him you’re sick.
Thank you so much, Hanni. What would I do without you?
Don’t worry about that, I’ll stay with you - best friends forever, remember?

Maybe he’s right and I should have seen it-
No. Don’t you dare to tell yourself this nonsense. He’s the one who made a mistake.
But he was so patient with me all this time… I just can’t believe it.
He’s a human. Humans don’t act logical at times. Sometimes they act selfish and don’t care about others. Now is your time to do the same. You are strong, you can do everything you want if you just have the will to do so. You’re Ora Isakov, no one can take yourself away from you and no one can replace you.